Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring Break cont.

I am adding to this as I realized we didn't have to post that week, so I'll just add a little for this week's post.

Anyway, the economies of heavily trafficked areas would increase in the short run, but are not sustainable as the quantity of tourists buying stuff only lasts the season. Certain places that do profit from tourism will probably not profit at this time. People are looking for a place to sit back and relax on a beach, not trek all over mountains, etc. (for the most part).


melody. said...

As the daughter of someone who enjoys trekking mountains, i have to say it does happen. and its annoying as well. haha.

But even if an area isn't a huge tourist spot, they might still profit during the summer months. Many of these not so exciting places are on the way to something a bit more traveled. Even if you aren't going to be spending a week in these places, you might still stop for lunch and gas up your car. Not a huge profit, but every little bit helps.

Lydia said...

around spring break time i heard on the radio that several florida towns are actually taking measures to prevent tourism that time of year. especially college and high school kids. they come in, stay in the cheapest hotels, eat the cheapest food around, and totally tear up the town, and they dont' want that anymore. i thought that was interesting, because spring breakers must not contribute as much to local economies as we thought. now when they look for the cheapest possible options anyway. if they did benefit, i bet they could put up with it for a few weeks.

KM said...

When I lived in TX, I was about a 40 minute drive from South Padre Island, the #1 Spring Break stop in TX. And every year, the news would have kinda like a ticker on how long it would take for some drunk college student to fall out of a balcony window of some hotel out on the Island.

People who live there avoid the Island from early March through late April. You can't do anything. Darn tourists. :)