Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break

This is a few days late...

I was thinking today about the effect teenagers going on spring break has on the economy. The prices for plane tickets must rise as there is an increase in demand for them, or at least an increase in demand for tickets to certain destinations. Local economies will also benefit from an increase in travelers. Places like South Padre Island, Miami Beach, and Palm Springs are popular destinations as well as countries outside of the US like Mexico, Aruba, and other Caribbean Islands. An increase in tourists means the economy will flourish as the tourists make purchases of goods.

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belzmat said...

I actually was thinking of writing on this topic, but yes it greatly effects the economy. In most countries they make the bulk of there money from tourism, in fact tourism makes up one of the largest portion of the economy of Wisconsin, we learned in Wisconsin Story. Students and teens make a growing percentage of the economy, and spring break is just an example of this.